Exports to Spain and Portugal increase thanks to bivalve molluscs and tuna

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) Although Vietnam's seafood exports to the EU in August 2021 decreased by nearly 31%, there are still some important markets that maintain positive growth this month such as Spain and Portugal with the main contribution of clam exports.

Exports to Spain and Portugal increase thanks to bivalve molluscs and tuna

Seafood exports to Spain in August reached 8.2 million USD, up 48%. In which, bivalve molluscs (mainly clams) accounted for 37%, increased by 111% to over 3 million USD. Tuna exports accounted for 39%, reaching 3.2 million USD, up 30%. In the first 8 months of the year, seafood exports to this market reached over 45 million USD, up 17%. In which, tuna exports reached 12.4 million USD, up 18% over the same period; Export of bivalve molluscs reached 15.6 million USD, up 44%.

Seafood exports to Portugal in August increased by 15% to reach US$3.8 million, accumulated in the first 8 months of the year increased by 13% to nearly US$30 million. In which, the export of bivalve molluscs reached nearly 11.5 million USD, up 22%. In August, exports of bivalve molluscs to Portugal increased by 40% to over 2.3 million USD.

By the end of August 2021, Vietnam's exports of bivalve molluscs reached USD 86.8 million, up nearly 40%, of which exports to the EU market reached USD 53.4 million, accounting for 61%. Accordingly, the three main markets are Italy, Spain and Portugal. The main products exported to these three markets are white clams and frozen steamed brown clams, with the average price of 1.78 - 1.79 USD/kg in August 2021.

Covid-19 disrupts supply, causes logistical difficulties and high freight rates, affecting major markets more. Faced with that fact, many businesses choose and turn to small markets and these markets will continue to partially limit the impact of the decline in exports in the coming months.

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