By Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers

With the aim to disseminate information on Vietnam's efforts and solutions to tackle IUU, communicate to the EC and other relevant organizations and individuals, to make a difference in the awareness and actions of the competent agencies and people directly implementing the IUU regulations, such as fishing port management boards, fishermen/fishing vessel owners, seafood processors and exporters ... on January 12, 2018 VASEP officially released the "White Book on Combating IUU fishing in Vietnam".

With 6 chapters, bilingual in English and Vietnamese, the White Book focuses on the following topics: Directives and activities of the Government, the Prime Minister and the Minister on overcoming IUU problem; Viet Nam’s solutions and actions to overcome EC’s warning of IUU (including some of the contents of National Action Plan to combat IUU and the Prime Minister’s Directive on IUU; Active people and positive actions to implement regulations on IUU, the correction/ results of implementation of 9 recommendations that the EC has warned; EC’s regulations on IUU; the content of the EC warning on IUU for Vietnam; Transmit the provisions on IUU in the Fisheries Law of 2017; IUU violations and sanctions in Vietnam; Typical violation behaviors of IUU are handled by authorities.

In this publication, we have dedicated a chapter to illustrate the views and messages of VASEP and the Vietnamese marine product enterprise community, which is: RESOLUTELY SAY NO TO IUU, with a firm commitment of marine product businesses under the unified guidance of the VASEP IUU Steering Committee along with specific programs and action plans…

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