Vietnamese fisheries enterprises

are committed to combatting IUU fishing

VASEP Marine Product Committee (VMPC) and Vietnamese seafood processors and exporters all meet here to attend the conference "Marine product Enterprises Commit to Combating IUU Fishing" to show our strong determination, broad consensus to implement the program on combating IUU fishing for the sustainable fisheries and the development of Vietnam in fishing, processing and exporting fisheries products.

We are fully aware that it is vital for us to comply with all IUU regulations in various markets. This is the opportunity for state management agencies, fishermen community as well as seafood processors and exporters to take a deeper look into the issue and reorganize fishing activities in a sustainable and effective manner, while affirming the prestige of Vietnamese export seafood products.

For that reason, We - the Vietnamese fisheries enterprises, shall consensually join hands with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the fishermen community to strictly implement the IUU regulations and the National plan of action to combat IUU fishing.

We are committed to purchasing raw materials sourced from legal fishing vessels with clear traceability and only importing legally caught seafood.

We resolutely do not buy catches sourced from illegal fishing vessels operating without permit, logbook and report in accordance with regulations, or fishing with prohibited fishing gears.

We say no to the protected species and catches with smaller size than the minimum size limits.

We agree to establish the Steering Committee of fisheries enterprises on combating IUU under VASEP.  The “Steering Committee” and VASEP office will set up an IUU Task Force which will closely cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Directorate of Fisheries and state agencies to address short-term and long-term issues in the program on combating IUU fishing.

We unanimously agree to establish a fund for anti-IUU fishing activities based on voluntary contributions from seafood processing and exporting companies who   participate in VASEP's program on Combating IUU fishing.

We will work with the Directorate of Fisheries to promote communication and propaganda on compliance of IUU regulations and fighting against IUU fishing among fishermen and businesses. We set up "Combating IUU fishing" column on VASEP’s web portal ( in both Vietnamese and English to update the activities and commitments of enterprises community, IUU regulations of the U.S. and EU markets as well as update and publish the list of seafood enterprises that commit to "Combating IUU fishing".

We pledge to work closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, state management agencies and fishermen community with the motto of "Say NO to IUU". We will determine on developing sustainable fisheries and maintaining importing markets of Vietnamese seafood products.

We are willing to receive information on illegal fishing cases from domestic or foreign organizations and individuals to transfer to competent authorities to handle in arcordance with legistration.



IUU Task Force of VASEP


Hotline : +84 243.7715055 (ext:204) và +84.982195872



Facebook:       VASEP Combat IUU

Press Statement to combat IUU

Ben Tre strictly handles IUU fishing
09:02 05/28/2024

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