Ca Mau fisheries industry has developed steadily in H1.2024

( According to the latest report of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ca Mau province, total fishery production in the first 6 months of 2024 is estimated to reach 326,170 tons, reaching 50.03% of the plan, up 1.56% over the same period last year. Of which, aquaculture output reached 205,300 tons, an increase of 0.64%, and exploitation output reached 120,870 tons, an increase of 3.16%.

Ca Mau fisheries industry has developed steadily in H12024


The total aquaculture area in Ca Mau province in the first 6 months of the year is estimated at 303,247 hectares, of which the shrimp farming area is 278,615 hectares, freshwater fish 24,621 hectares, and clams 28 hectares.


Intensive and super-intensive shrimp farming reached 6,658.36 hectares/7,615 households, reaching 97.92% of the 2024 plan, an increase of 4.35% over the same period. Of which: Super-intensive shrimp farming reached 4,948.89 hectares/5,060 farming households, reaching 95.17% of the 2024 plan, an increase of 7.29% over the same period. This is a farming model that applies high technology and is quite effective. The successful farming rate is about 70–80%, productivity is 40–50 tons/ha/crop, intensive shrimp farming 1,709.47 hectares/2,555 households, reaching 106.8% of the 2024 plan, equal to 95.5% over the same period, and average productivity reaching 5 tons/ha/year (giant tiger prawn) and 8 tons/year (white leg shrimp).

Improved extensive shrimp farming reached 185,757.8 hectares, reaching 99.34% of the 2024 plan, an increase of 3.33% over the same period. Currently, 99.6% of the area is stocked, with an average farming productivity of 500–550 kg/ha per year. In particular, there are households raising shrimp according to a 2-phase process with a productivity of 600–800 kg/ha per year.

The combined extensive shrimp farming area (shrimp - forest, shrimp - rice, shrimp - crab - fish, etc.) remains 86,198.84 hectares. Currently, 98.5% are stocked, and the remaining area is being renovated to prepare for stocking.

Freshwater fish farming: 24,621 hectares, of which: the eel and goby farming area is 1,337.3 hectares (eel 730 hectares, goby fish 607.3 hectares); the area of intensive fish farming is 143.3 hectares/495 farming households.

Mollusk farming: raising oysters in 1,196 cages with 1 cooperative and 24 farming households, total farming area of 13,075 m2; blood cockle farming combined in shrimp farm 9,181.76 hectares; blood cockle farming combined in shrimp farm 9,616.66 hectares; combined shrimp farming in 134 hectares/47 households.


Fishing output in 6 months reached 120,870 tons, reaching 51% of the plan, up 3.16% over the same period, of which shrimp output was 5,117 tons, reaching 51.17% of the plan, up 0.53% compared to the same period.

Certificates of food safety eligibility were issued for 179 fishing vessels. To date, the entire province has 1,520/1,520 fishing vessels installed with cruise monitoring equipment, reaching 100%.

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