Ca Mau: Total seafood output in 8 months reached 425.000 tons

( Ca Mau's total seafood output in the first 8 months this year reached nearly 425.000 tons, up nearly 4%, of which shrimp output reached 165.000 tons.

According to Ca Mau's agricultural sector, in the first 8 months of 2023, the estimated output of exploited seafood reached nearly 156.000 tons, up more than 1% over the same period. Estimated aquaculture output reached nearly 270.000 tons, up nearly 6.5% over the same period, of which shrimp output is 158.000 tons.

Mr. Le Van Su, Vice Chairman of the Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee, proposed to continue to improve the efficiency and value of the aquaculture industry, and to strengthen guidance in the last months of 2023. He also proposed that localities continue to review and compile statistics on the amount of aquatic products currently being farmed by households and at processing and production facilities in the area.

Mr. Le Van Su requested the agricultural sector to regularly update timely information on seasonal schedules, prices to businesses and farming households in order to have appropriate plans and solutions in farming, processing and exporting. 

Ca Mau Total seafood output in 8 months reached 425000 tons

In addition, the Ca Mau agricultural industry requires localities to focus on stabilizing the farming of key species suitable to the geographical location of each region. Promoting the development of marine farming and objects with high economic value. Maintaining ecological and organic shrimp farming areas, developing green agriculture, circular agriculture and building irrigation infrastructure for aquaculture production.

Talking about the issue of reducing costs in aquaculture production, Mr. Le Van Su, Vice Chairman of the Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee, said that it is necessary to take measures to reduce costs in aquaculture, applying new techniques in all stages of the farming process. Organizing production links reduction via intermediaries, ensuring input materials reach farmers in the fastest way, at the lowest cost, and at the same time helping people trace the origin of aquaculture. In addition, strengthening propaganda of anti-IUU fishing laws to fishermen.

Ca Mau Shrimp Festival held for the first time
Vice Chairman of Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee, Mr. Le Van Su said that after 4 years, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee has just signed and promulgated plan No. 170, from December 13 to 16/12/2023, Ca Mau province will organize the Ca Mau Shrimp Festival and the OCOP Products Network Connection Forum in the Mekong Delta 2023, with the theme "Enhancing Vietnamese shrimp - Developing OCOP products".

Accordingly, the Ca Mau Shrimp Festival and OCOP Products Network Connection Forum in the Mekong Delta 2023 is expected to feature over 600 booths showcasing shrimp products, attracting 10.000 participants. Within the framework of the event, many activities will take place on a regional scale, including: Opening activities, exhibitions, trade events, Ca Mau seafood culinary festival, cultural experiences, and fun. entertainment...

Ca Mau Shrimp Festival and OCOP Products Network Connection Forum in Mekong Delta 2023 are organized with various activities, reflecting the quintessence and unique values of the life and culture of the people of the Mekong Delta and Ca Mau. 
The festival will promote and introduce the potential of sustainable development of Vietnam's shrimp industry in general and Ca Mau in particular. It will also introduce products, models, and experiences and connect shrimp producers, processors, consumers, and exporters. This will help to boost production, value, and market access, and bring the best benefits to shrimp farmers and businesses.

For many years, Ca Mau province leads the country in shrimp farming area and farming and  processing exported shrimp output.