Vinh Long province develops sustainable pangasius farming

( According to Vinh Long Statistics Department, the whole province currently has 2,119 hectares of aquaculture area, an increase of 1.03% (equivalent to an increase of 21.62 hectares) over the same period last year; Of which the industrial pangasius farming area is 370.8 hectares, an increase of 0.12% or an increase of 0.42 hectares.

Vinh Long province develops sustainable pangasius farming

It is estimated that in the first four months of 2024, seafood production has reached 44,812 tons, an increase of 2.01% or an increase of 883 tons over the same period last year; of which aquaculture reached 42,838 tons, an increase of 2.07% or an increase of 869 tons. Industrially farmed pangasius output reached 26,430.5 tons, an increase of 1.77%.

According to Vinh Long Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to improve the competitiveness of pangasius products in the domestic and international markets, the province's agricultural sector focuses on building food-safe pangasius farming areas according to farming practices. good, advanced and sustainable aquaculture; At the same time, guide households and farming facilities to gradually apply digital technology and high technology in the process of intensive pangasius farming to improve product quality to ensure food safety, disease safety, and environmental safety. environment and traceability.

In 2023, the province had an additional 25 hectares of water surface for commercial pangasius farming certified with VietGAP certification in 1 cooperative and 5 farming facilities, increasing the total farming area applying advanced production standards of the entire province. increased to 55.8 hectares (accounting for nearly 16% of the total area of intensive pangasius farming in the province).

Of which, 27 hectares are certified to ASC standards, 3.8 hectares are certified to BAP standards, 25 hectares are certified to VietGAP standards, with a total certified output of 11,845 tons/year (accounting for more than 11% of total fish production). survey/year).

In addition, the province also maintains a 4.5-hectare pangasius seed production facility with VietGAP certification, providing 54 million fingerlings/year; There are 24 disease-free facilities. Currently, 100% of intensive pangasius farming areas apply mud pumps, and 18% of pangasius farming areas apply mechanization in feeding and water changing.

In 2024 - 2025, the province continues to expand the development of food-safe pangasius farming according to good, advanced and sustainable aquaculture practices, striving to have an additional 55 hectares/year of water surface for commercial pangasius farming. Products are certified with VietGAP and equivalent.


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