Pangasius exports to China affected by Covid pandemic

( As of the first half of February 2021, the total value of pangasius exports to China - Hong Kong reached USD 13.55 million (accounting for 8.5% of the total pangasius export value), down by 38.6% compared to that of in the same period last year. In particular, the export value of pangasius to Hong Kong also decreased by 40.5%. Lower exports is reported due to Covid-19 tight controlling in China.
Pangasius exports to China affected by Covid pandemic
Pangasius processing in Vietnam 

This unexpected decline is the consequence of the fact that in 2020, exporting to this market faced many obstacles for example the COVID-19 epidemic. Right from the beginning of 2020, the late return of Chinese seafood processing factories and the disruption of trade due to the coronavirus made the export value of pangasius to this market suddenly decrease. Since the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter, activities to this market became more bustling, preparing for the National Day of China. In October 2020, the export price of frozen pangasius to China - Hong Kong suddenly increased to 2.52 USD/kg, which was higher than the same period last year and much higher than the other months of the year, ranging from 1.55 - 1.65 USD/kg. This price was lower than the previous quarter. But then, the policy of disease control across the border and at ports and border gates for all imported food products made not only Vietnamese pangasius but also many other imported seafood products of other countries stagnant.

Pangasius exports to China affected by Covid pandemic

Vietnamese pangasius exporters mainly export the following pangasius products to China - Hong Kong: Frozen fillet pangasius, frozen pangasius stomach, fried/dried fish bladder, frozen butterfly-cut whole pangasius, frozen pangasius belly, cut/sliced skin on pangasius fillets, frozen portion cut pangasius fillets, frozen seasoned pangasius fillets, frozen whole pangasius H&G ...

In 2020, there were nearly 145 enterprises exporting pangasius to the Chinese market, 40 enterprises exporting to Hong Kong market, of which, the 3 enterprises with the largest export value to the Chinese market during this period were: IDI Corp; VINH HOAN Corp and TG FISHERY. The three largest pangasius exporters to Hong Kong market were IDI Corp, VINH HOAN Corp and VDTG FOOD.

Top 15 largest pangasius exporters to China in 2020




I.D.I Corporation


Vinh Hoan Corporation


TG Fishery


GODACO Seafood


Cadovimex Seafood Im-Ex and Processing Joint Stock Company


Cat Tuong Seafood Processing Co., Ltd


Hungca Co., Ltd




NTSF Seafoods Joint Stock Company


Van Duc Tien Giang Food Export Company


Hoang Long Seafood


Vinh Tien Seafood One Member Co,, Ltd


Co May Im-Ex Co,, Ltd


Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock Company


Phuc Tam Loi Fisheries Im-Ex Co., Ltd


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