Many businesses invest in high-tech pangasius farming areas

( According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of An Giang, the implementation of the 3-level pangasius breeding production project in the Mekong Delta in An Giang currently has investments from 4 enterprises in technology-oriented farming in a high-concentration area of 442.3 ha. Among which, Viet Uc Seafood Corporation has invested 104 ha; Nam Viet Binh Phu Seafood Company Limited has invested 600 ha (including 150 ha for breeding); Loc Kim Chi Development Company Limited with 140 ha; and Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company with 48.3 ha. These projects are currently underway and put into production, contributing to improving pangasius seed quality in An Giang province.

Many businesses invest in hightech pangasius farming areas

As of now, these businesses have the capacity to provide about 500 million high-quality pangasius seeds. There are currently 3 seed production and hatchering enterprises: Viet Uc Seafood Joint Stock Company and Vinh Hoan Pangasius Hatchery Company Limited, applying molecular biology technology for research on seed production (certified as high-tech agricultural enterprises); Nam Viet Binh Phu Seafood Company Limited is certified as a high-tech agricultural area, with an area of ​​233 ha.




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