In Vietnam, the fishery sector plays an important role in the national economy, accounting for about 4-5 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and about 9-10% of national export revenue.

More than 4 millions of people working in the fishery and the growth in production have attributed to the fish exports. Thanks to strongly increase in many years, Vietnam ranks among the top ten seafood suppliers and its seafood products are exported to 170 markets in the world.

Shrimp, pangasius, tuna, squid and octopus are main seafood products exported by the country. In which, shrimp exports create about US$ 3.5 – 4 billion, make up 46-50% of the total seafood sales of Vietnam. Earnings from pangasius reached at US$ 1.7 – 1.8 billion (25% of the total) and exports from Tuna and Cephalopods are US$ 450 – 550 million for each.

Exports to the U.S, Japan, EU, China and South Korea make up 75% of Vietnam’s seafood sales to the wolrd.

5 advantages for Vietnam seafood exports:  

(1)  High commitment and participation from Government, Industry and companies for food safety, environment  and social responsibility;

(2)  Able to supply the big volume and safe quality and stable seafood products;

(3)  Meet all the customers’ requirements, incl. the vertical linkage (integration) for each species sector;

(4)  Vietnam is one in few countries in the world which has the good and stable labor resource; 

(5)  Vietnam has Agreements / FTAs with many countries and territories and has advantages both in product quality and im-ex tax.  

Vietnamese products made a good impression at the Seafood Expo North America

( Typical representatives of Vietnam's seafood industry in key products such as pangasius, shrimp and seafood all attended the fair, in addition to the presence of new businesses participating for the first time.

On March 12, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Massachusetts (USA), the North American Seafood Fair opened with the participation of hundreds of world's leading enterprises in the seafood processing and exporting industry. 

Vietnamese stalls made a strong impression on international guests.

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in the US, this is North America's largest annual event on seafood trade, bringing together many companies specializing in this field, organizations and services related to the seafood industry around the US and the world.

After being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's fair has the participation of hundreds of large seafood export companies from many US states and abroad such as Canada, Brazil, Japan, and India, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Spain and Vietnam to provide customers buying seafood in North America with direct access to suppliers, expanding partner networks, and experiencing new products.

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), there were 17 enterprises participating in the North American Seafood Fair this year. 

Chú thích ảnh

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang (fourth from right),  met leaders of VASEP)and representatives of businesses participating in the fair. (Cre: Quang Huy/VNA)

This activity is within the framework of the "National Trade Promotion Program 2023" to support SMEs enterprises to access and export to one of the most "demanding" export markets. 

Businesses display virtually every type of seafood, related product and service currently consumed in the North American market, including fresh/ frozen fish and seafood, and premium seafood, processed and packaged seafood, seafood processing and packaging equipment, transportation services and seafood related services.

Many of Vietnam's exports have made a good impression on international friends and partners.

Sharing with the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in the US, Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang, Head of the Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the United Nations, expressed his pleasure at witnessing the large participation of Vietnamese seafood enterprises. 

The ambassador said that this proves that Vietnam’s seafood exports have a strong foothold in a demanding market like the North US.

Chú thích ảnh

The Ambassador also said that although the challenge is great and facing stiff competition from international companies, the development prospects of Vietnamese seafood enterprises in the US market, especially in the North, is very bright.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Sac, Chairwoman of the VASEP, the increase in the number of Vietnamese enterprises participating in this year's fair is because of the demand for promoting their products, brands and finding the way to "return" to the North American market after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Roosbeh Ghorban, CEO of GhorbanGlobal, one of Germany's major seafood importers, said he was impressed with the scale of this year's fair. He came here to look for new sources from the US market, the Asian market, including Vietnam.

Roosbeh said that he is a fan of Vietnamese seafood products and GhorbanGlobal company has more than 20 years of importing products from Vietnam.

The US is the key export market of Vietnamese seafood. Vietnamese seafood exports to this market in 2022 reached the milestone of USD 2.1 billion, accounting for 20% of Vietnam's total seafood export value.     

Shrimp and pangasius products contributed the most to the impressive seafood exports result in 2022. Shrimp exports accounted for  more than 39%, reaching 4.3 billion USD; pangasius exports accounted for nearly 23%, reaching 2.44 billion USD.

Compared to 2021, shrimp and pangasius exports increased by 11% and 51% respectively; tuna and other seafood reached USD 1 billion and USD 3.2 billion, respectively.

Compiled by Thuy Linh 

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