Vietnam's tuna exports accelerate at the end of the year

( In November 2021, Vietnam's tuna exports continued to grow strongly by 51% over the same period in 2020, reaching more than 78 million USD. It is estimated that tuna exports in December will also grow at the same rate, and is estimated at about 85 million USD, bringing the total value of tuna exports in 2021 to about 757 million USD.
Vietnams tuna exports accelerate at the end of the year
Vietnam's tuna exports accelerate at the end of the year

Aquatic production in general and tuna processing production in particular are gradually recovering, especially at the end of the year, demand from all markets increases, import prices also tend to increase.

Exports of tuna product groups all increased over the same period, except for canned tuna. In which, the export of loin/tuna meat (cut, sliced, saku....) in the first 11 months of 2021 increased sharply by 41% over the same period in 2020. Exports of other processed tuna (mainly loin) frozen steamed tuna) increased 14% over the same period.
The US is still the largest import market for Vietnamese tuna. Vietnam's tuna exports to this market continued to grow at a high 48% in November. The demand for tuna by US consumers is gradually recovering according to the country's foodservices industry.

As for tuna exports to the EU, after a continuous decline in the past 4 months due to reduced demand from the Horeca channel, high transportation costs have inhibited exports to this market block, tuna exports to the EU market. This market surged 52% in November.

Along with the US and EU, exports to some other markets such as Mexico, Chile, Israel, the Philippines... are growing rapidly. There are three-digit growth markets such as Mexico (up 143%) or Israel (up 201%). The rapid growth in these markets is a catalyst to accelerate the growth of Vietnam's tuna exports in 2 months. end of 2021.

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