Vietnam companies increase the purchase of tuna for export

( Businesses in Khanh Hoa province are increasing the purchase of tuna for processing to export to the US and EU markets.

According to Mr. Huynh Dac Tri, Director of T&H NT CO., LTD., the situation of exporting tuna to the EU and the US markets is currently good. Therefore, the company has increased the purchase of raw materials to prepare for the summer sales season. However, there are not enough domestic raw materials and tuna fishing boats for export businesses. Hence, enterprises have to import raw materials from abroad despite the scarce supply and high prices. As a result, the price of domestic raw materials has also reached a peak within the past 10 years.

According to Mr. Tri, businesses are currently purchasing tuna in Khanh Hoa at about 160,000 VND/kg, compared to 110,000-120,000 VND/kg a few years ago. Besides the current price of raw materials, export transportation costs are high, which makes enterprises not profitable.

Adding more about the export market of Vietnam’s tuna to the US, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thanh, Director of SS CO., LTD (an enterprise specializing in exporting tuna to the US) said that from July-August last year until now, tuna exports to this market still increase strongly and consumption is good. The company alone exports 100-150 tons of tuna products to the US every month.

Regarding the forecast in the coming time, according to Ms. Thanh, tuna exports to the US will definitely be brighter. Because of the past winter (January, February and March every year is winter), the consumption would normally not be high. However, in recent months, the export market for tuna is still very promising. Therefore, after the transition from winter to spring, the demand for tuna in this market will increase higher than in the past few months. Hence, the enterprise has prepared a plan and strategy to export tuna to the US.

According to Khanh Hoa Fisheries Sub-Department, as of April 12, the province's capture production was estimated at 25,470 tons. In which, the production of bigeye and yellowfin tuna reached about 990 tons; other types of tuna reached 6,900 tons and other seafood reached 17,580 tons.

Compiled by Phuong Linh

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