Thuan Phuoc Corporation set a target of 130 million USD for seafood export

( Thuan Phuoc Corporation set a business target in 2023 with a total revenue of 2,300 - 3,000 billion VND; export turnover reached from 100 to 130 million USD.

Thuan Phuoc Corporation (THP) has successfully held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2023 with a number of notable contents approved.

Accordingly,  the Congress approved the business target in  2023 with a total revenue of 2,300 - 3,000 billion VND; export turnover is from 100 - 130 million USD; export output strives from 8,500 - 11,500 tons; pre-tax profit from 20-25 billion dong.

In addition to maintaining traditional markets, THP aims to diversify export markets, take advantage of FTAs to increase export turnover. The Company also aims to renovate farming ponds in Dien Mon, Dien Hoa to soon put the ponds into operation. Besides, the company researches and expands the depth products with high added value.

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In 2022, THP surpassed its goal by 4.9% and 30%, respectively. 

THP's export turnover reached 134.2 million USD , export output reached 11,305 tons in 2022. Total revenue recorded VND 3,146 billion and profit before tax reached VND 26 billion, up 17% and 27.4% respectively compared to 2021.

Last year, THP set a total revenue target of VND 3.000-3.500 billion, set profit before tax of VND 20-22 billion. With the result achieved, the company surpassed its goal by 4.9% and 30%, respectively. 

THP was founded in 1987, the company mainly operates at producing and exporting frozen seafood products, agricultural products, food technology, import materials, machinery and equipment, technology, means of transport and consumer goods..

In recent years, THP has always been in the top 10 seafood exporters and in the top 5 largest shrimp exporters of Vietnam.

Compiled by Thuy Linh 

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