Import prices of processed clam in Japan fell in 2015

( In the year of 2015, Japan tended to increase imports of fresh live clams, (HS code 030771), but reduced the imports of frozen clam (HS code 030779) and processed clam (HS code 160556). Live, fresh clam is the most imports into Japan in 2015, next is processed clam. Frozen clam exports reached the lowest value. In 2015, Japan’s frozen clam imports worth US$32.23 million, down 11% compared to 2014.

 In the year, Japan’s processed clam imports reached US$85.45 million, down 7% compared to the year 2014. China is the top exporter to Japan. However, processed clam exports from China to Japan fell 2%. Canada and Chile had strongest growths in exports to Japan with 1,100% and 964% over  2014, respectively.

Vietnam processed clam exports to Japan in 2015 are also plunged. According to figures of the International Trade Centre (ITC), in 2015, Vietnam’ processed clam exports to the market reached US$1.75 million, down 5% compared to the year 2014. In 2015, Vietnam was the fifth supplier of the products to Japan, sliding from the 4th position in 2014. The average price of Vietnam products in Japan reached the lowest level among top 5 suppliers. In fact, only processed clam from the US has the higher and highest prices in Japan in 2015.


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