Clam exports to the EU market in 2021 have a breakthrough despite Covid

( Vietnam's seafood exports to the EU market in 2021 recorded a figure of over 1 billion USD, up 12%. Exports to most EU member countries increased. In which, the top 5 markets include the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and France, accounting for 72%. Exports of all major products to the EU grew positively, except pangasius. In which, clam exports grew the most, up 42% and became the 4th largest seafood species in terms of export value to the EU.
Clam exports to the EU market in 2021 have a breakthrough despite Covid
Clam exports to the EU market in 2021 have a breakthrough despite Covid

After the vaccination campaign and economic stimulus package since the beginning of the year, the seafood demand in the EU has recovered significantly, along with the tariff advantages from the EVFTA, which is an opportunity to promote the export of most of  Vietnamese seafood products to this market.

Accordingly, shrimp exports increased by nearly 19% to reach 613 million USD, accounting for nearly 57% of seafood exports to this market. The top 3 markets in the bloc including the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium all increased imports of Vietnamese shrimp in the past year. In which, exports to the Netherlands increased by 10%, to Germany by 25% and to Belgium by 19%. Not only whiteleg shrimp exports but also black tiger shrimp to these markets recovered compared to the previous year. Notably, whiteleg shrimp exports to Germany increased sharply by 28%, while black tiger shrimp exports to the Netherlands increased by 54%.

Tuna exports accounted for over 13%, reaching over US$144 million, up 6.4%, of which the US imported the most frozen loin/fillet (accounting for 44%), followed by processed tuna other than canned fish. Last year, exports of other processed tuna products increased sharply by 43%, while exports of fresh tuna decreased by 18%. In the three largest markets, Italy, Germany and Spain, only Italy increased tuna imports, the other two markets decreased imports of Vietnamese tuna in the past year.

Pangasius exports to the EU continued to decline from previous years, with a negative growth rate of nearly 17% and only accounting for less than 10% of total seafood exports to this market. Exports to the top 4 markets including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany all decreased (20%, 23%, 9% and 43%). The sharp increase in sea freight rates to the EU is a big obstacle for pangasius enterprises that want to export to this market.

Notably, in the past year, shellfish exports to the EU market skyrocketed 37% to $87 million, mainly because clam exports increased by 42% to $78 million. Clams have become the fourth largest seafood species with export value to the EU market. In which, clam exports to the three largest markets, Spain, Italy and Portugal, all grew by 38-44%.

(Excerpt from the Report on Vietnam's seafood exports in 2021. For more information about Vietnamese seafood products exported to markets, please contact Email:

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