Report on Vietnam shrimp sector 2018-2023, forecast to 2025, issued on December 31, 2023


The report will include 7 main parts:
(1) Shrimp production (output by species of black tiger shrimp, vannamei shrimp, price movements);

(2) Shrimp exports (by species of black tiger shrimp, vannamei shrimp, exports to main markets, trends, products, price movements, position of Vietnamese shrimp in the market, Vietnamese shrimp exporters to other countries). markets, main shrimp import ports in other countries and leading import partners...);

(3) Importing shrimp from other countries;

(4) Competitors: Ecuador, India,...

(5) Top shrimp export enterprises (according to turnover); Top enterprises exporting white leg shrimp; Top enterprises exporting black tiger shrimp.

(6) Forecast of shrimp production and export to 2025 (by product, market);

(7) Appendix (Shrimp imports of main markets; shrimp exports of India, Ecuador, Thailand, Indonesia; Shrimp import tax in markets)


Enterprises and readers are interested in the Report, please contact to:

Ms Nguyen Thu Trang - Mobile: +84 906 151 556 - Email:

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