Another Shrimp Production Complex in Bac Lieu province

( Growmax Corporation will invest in a shrimp farming complex, feed mill, shrimp seed production, export... in Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province.

On February 3, Secretary of Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tien Hai, Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee Pham Van Thieu, and heads of departments of Ca Mau and Bac Lieu came to inspect the first batch of shrimp at Bac Lieu High-tech Shrimp Production Complex.

The Bac Lieu High-tech Shrimp Production Complex, belong to Growmax Corporation, was established and put into operation nearly 7 months ago, with an area of about 200 ha, located in Long Dien Dong commune, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province.

After about 100 days of raising shrimp according to the high-tech, closed, water-recirculating model, using feed produced by the corporation, in the first harvest, the batch weighed about 21 pcs/kg.

According to Growmax Bac Lieu, at this complex, Growmax Corporation is working with the procedures to conduct projects such as: High-tech closed shrimp farming area with water recirculation system with a scale of about 500 ponds; Construction of a shrimp feed processing factory with a capacity of 230,000 tons/year and construction of a shrimp seed production area with a capacity of 3 billion seeds/year... This will not only serve Bac Lieu province but also target neighboring provinces, such as Ca Mau, Kien Giang and Soc Trang.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee praised the initial results achieved by the Bac Lieu Growmax Corporation. He said that Bac Lieu province was assigned by the focused on creating opportunities for businesses and shrimp farmers to develop high-tech shrimp farming models, especially in planned areas, prioritizing high-tech, closed, using water-recirculating models, such as the one that Growmax Corporation is deploying.

The Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee also committed to creating the best conditions for investors, including Growmax, to implement shrimp farming projects in the province, with the motto: "What is easy is for businesses, what is difficult must be
done by the government".

According to Mr. Pham Van Thieu, Bac Lieu province has 3 main export items: shrimp, rice and salt. Accordingly, the main export item is shrimp, accounting for over 95% of the province's export turnover.

Currently, there are 48 seafood processing  and exporting factories, with modern equipment and a capacity of about 294,000 tons/year. Shrimp products have been processed to meet standards of demanding markets such as the US, Japan, EU, China, Korea and many other markets in the world.

Also in 2023, Viet Uc Seafood Processing Factory has been completed and put into operation, initially exporting 46 tons of shrimp to the Korean market and is currently looking for new orders.

According to Lao Dong newspaper


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