Vinh Hoan Corp’s revenue in May increased by 96% over the same period last year.

( VINH HOAN CORP (HOSE: VHC) has just announced its revenue in May (including Sa Giang company) which reached 1.508 billion VND, an increase of 96% compared to the same period last year and a slight drop of 8% from the previous month.

In the first 5 months of 2022, Vinh Hoan recorded a revenue of 6.432 billion VND, up nearly 90% compared to the same period in 2021. Pangasius's products generated 1,036 billion VND in revenue, up 101% from May 2021 but down 11% from the previous month.

By market, the US market's revenue continues flourishing with a growth rate of 157%, reaching 812 billion VND over the same period last year but a loss of 19% to the previous month. The second market has seen a significant gain is the domestic market, which has risen to 256 billion VND, an increase of 100% however a decrease of 4% to April. The two markets, China and Europe, saw an increase in revenue compared to the same period last year and also the previous month.

Vinh Hoan's business results grew strongly in the context of the pangasius industry having many advantages. According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), after 2 years of restraint because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand in markets is recovering and exploding. The supply in the markets was not enough to meet the demand causing inflation to increase. The record high food and seafood price in the world has created favorable conditions for Vietnam's pangasius exports; sales have increased sharply, especially to the US, EU and China markets. 

Chú thích ảnh

Vietnam seafood exports fell in May after hitting a new record of 1.1 billion USD in April, but still achieved 1 billion USD, a 27% increase over the same period previous year. Accumulating 5 months, seafood export reached 4.6 billion USD, up 42% over the same period last year. In which, shrimp exported 1.8 billion USD, up 38%; pangasius reached 1.2 billion USD, up 90% compared to the same period last year. Shrimp exports went up by 38% to 1.8 billion dollars, while pangasius exports increased by 90% to 1.2 billion dollars.

Also related to Vinh Hoan, the company has just announced that it has sold all 1,430,930 treasury shares at a price of more than 107.000 VND/share and earned 154 billion VND.

The transaction using agreement or order matching was conducted through the trading system of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange from May 30 to June 14. After successfully performing the transaction, the number of treasury shares of the company returned to zero. 

Previously, on May 19, Vinh Hoan announced that it would sell more than 1.4 million shares to increase working capital for production and business activities. This decision takes place while the company's stock price is trading at a highest price ever since it’s listed on the market (December 24, 2007). On April 30, Vinh Hoan's share price reached 117.000 VND/share, then dropped to 102.000 VND/share in the session ending June 16.

After successfully selling treasury stocks, Vinh Hoan plans to issue ESOP stocks to its key leaders in the near future.

Compiled by Thuy Linh

Source: ETime

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