Pangasius businesses are busy to meet orders right from the beginning of 2023

( On the first working day after the Tet holiday, workers of Hung Ca Co.Ltd are busy preparing for an export order of 21 pangasius fillets (equivalent to 400 tons). The company’s leaders are very optimistic about the pangasius exports in the new year. In 2022, the company exports pangasius worthed about 350 million USD.

At Vinh Hoan Corporation, nearly 10,000 workers and employees also return to the company to prepare for new orders. Currently, Vinh Hoan has about 750 ha of raw material ponds and 06 processing factories. The Company's products are exported to about 50 markets.

Chú thích ảnh

In 2023, the Company aims to diversify products; improve farming, production and processing technology; orient to environmentally-friendly production. Along with that, the Company also promotes collagen production, develops agricultural products processing activities, and produces organic fertilizer, etc.

Compiled by Thuy Linh 

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