Navico expects its profit hit 8-fold increase in 2024

As a pangasius exporter with the second largest closed production chain in the world, NAVICO (Nam Viet Corporation, stock code ANV) aims to increase net profit this year 8 times more than last year.

Navico expects its profit hit 8fold increase in 2024

Set this year's net profit target to increase eight times

According to the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders meeting documents scheduled to take place on June 29, NAVICO (Nam Viet Corporation, stock code ANV-HoSE) sets a revenue target this year, it will reach 5,000 billion VND, an increase of 13% compared to the level realized in 2023. Meanwhile, profit after tax is expected to be 8 times higher, reaching 306 billion VND.

In 2023, Navico's net profit reached 39 billion VND, the lowest level in 7 years, completing 21% of the set profit target. Mr. Doan Toi, General Director of Navico, said that although the company's number of orders is not small, profits recorded less positive results due to high-cost prices.

Currently, many financial institutions assess that this year's business prospects for Nam Viet Seafood will be more positive when pangasius export prices are expected to recover in the context of increasing demand and decreasing supply.

Notably, in the US market, Navico continues to be an enterprise that enjoys anti-dumping duties of 0% (according to POR 19). In addition, Navico's leadership said that the company has successfully cooperated with large seafood distributors and reconnected with old customers thanks to its history of exporting to the US in the previous period.

Navico's customer base is mainly existing customers of the two leading exporters to the US, Bien Dong Seafood and Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company (stock code VHC), but there is a need for partial diversification suppliers with more competitive prices.

For the Chinese market, Nam Viet Seafood is also recording many possible results thanks to expanding new customer files in Beijing and Guangzhou, in addition to the traditional area of Shanghai. At the same time, after market research, Navico has expanded the product line of spiced butterfly pangasius, meeting the high demand in China.

In addition, with the advantage of 100% autonomy in raw fish, the company has resolved the shortage of large-sized pangasius (1.5–2 kg); this is also the most popular fish size in China.

In the domestic market, after the cooperation deal with Bach Hoa Xanh in March 2023, Nam Viet Seafood product lines were considered to have higher recognition and are easily accessible to domestic consumers.

According to a recent forecast by Vietcombank Securities, revenue from the domestic market of Nam Viet Seafood this year could increase by up to 63% compared to 2023.

Maintaining the position of the second-largest pangasius processing enterprise in the world

The Board of Directors of Navico said that the company is currently a pangasius production and export enterprise with the second largest closed production chain in the world, including 250 hectares of traditional farming areas, helping to supply up to 120,000 tons of raw fish per year, and 600 hectares of high-tech farming areas invested since 2018, helping to provide up to 250,000 tons of raw fish per year.

Also, according to the leadership of Navico, the company owns 20,000 pairs of broodstock capable of producing 14 billion fingerlings. With a feed factory with a designed capacity of 800,000 tons per year, Nam Viet Seafood is capable of providing 100% of the feed for the company's 150-hectare fish breeding area.

At the same time, the company is also operating four seafood processing factories with a total processing capacity of up to 1,200 tons of raw fish per day and has fully achieved ISO, Global GAP, HACCP, IFS, BRC, GMP, and HALAL.

At this year's Congress, Navico is expected to submit to shareholders a plan to increase capital by issuing 133.1 million shares to existing shareholders at a ratio of 1:1, equivalent to a shareholder owning 1 share. shares will receive one new share.

This plan was approved by Nam Viet Seafood shareholders at the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. However, because the company has not yet implemented it, it continues to be presented at this year's general meeting.

If this offering is successful, Nam Viet Seafood will earn about 1,331 billion VND. Therefore, increasing the company's charter capital to VND 2,666 billion would double the current level. At the same time, it helped Navico become the pangasius enterprise with the largest charter capital on the stock market.



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