IDI Corp- the outstanding pangasius company in the Mekong Delta

( After two year of suffering the severe damage from the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, a series of enterprises and corporations had to go bankrupt. In that challenging situation, IDI Corp maintained its business and turned all the difficulties into advantages.

IDI Corp the outstanding pangasius company in the Mekong Delta

Being one of the producers in the seafood producing industry in the Mekong Delta, and also an important member of Sao Mai corp, IDI came over the hard situation impressively. 

The social distinction resulting from the lasting Covid 10 pandemic caused pangasius prices to drop dramatically to 17,000-18,000VND/kg, IDI boldly took the initiative to seize the opportunity to "stock cheap strategic goods"

In addition, with a relatively accurate prognosis, IDI leaders also urgently signed a cooperation agreement with farming households to ensure almost 90% of the demand for raw fish for 2022 at a relatively low price. 

The right decision and strong potential has helped IDI create a certain advantage when the pangasius industry recovers as expected. That evidence is shown when in the first 6 months of 2022, the estimated revenue of IDI reached nearly 4,200 billion VND and pre-tax profit reached nearly 450 billion VND.

With the quite impressive results and the dividend payment plan for 2021 approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders at the rate of 15% in cash and expected to be implemented in the third quarter of 2022, the Company's Board of Directors has made a plan as planned.

Thus, shareholders of IDI will soon receive a total dividend of more than 341 billion dong before the third quarter of this year. In the remaining 6 months, especially the fourth quarter when the business season of the pangasius industry is the most favorable, the IDI's leaders expect a profit boom when the company has enough "high-quality supply at a low cost." 

Although China currently maintains the zero covid policy, IDI's Board of Directors is confident and expects to exceed the 2022 plan assigned by the General Meeting of Shareholders with sales of 8,300 billion VND and profit after tax of 9.00 billion VND. This plan is considered quite challenging, but with its own potential, the completion of this plan is completely grounded.

Besides, the important objective that the Board of Directors has submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders for approval is the dividend payment plan in 2022 with the rate of 30% in cash and authorizes the Board of Directors to decide the time when the 2022 dividend can be advanced. This shows their strong belief in operating production and business as well as firmly affirming with stockholders for a new development phase IDI. That will be "a period of business sublimation and prosperity” for IDI shareholders.

Compiled by Thuy Linh 


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