Vietnam's exports of fish cakes and surimi increased sharply by 28%

( By the end of November 2021, fish cake, surimi is one of Vietnam's marine products with a high growth rate, up 28% over the same period last year reaching 381 million USD. . In 2020, surimi fish cakes accounted for only 3.9% of seafood export turnover, this year thanks to a strong recovery in the proportion of this product to 4.8%. The Covid epidemic is considered a factor driving the demand for surimi fish cakes in markets.

Vietnams exports of fish cakes and surimi increased sharply by 28

Vietnam exports surimi and fish cakes to about 40 markets around the world. However, the large proportion is mainly in 3 markets: Korea, Thailand and China, accounting for 23%, 21% and 13% respectively. While exports to Korea and China increased slightly by 6% and 7% respectively, exports to Thailand increased by 39%.

The next top 3 markets include Japan, Russia and Malaysia, accounting for 9.5%, 7.5% and 7% of Vietnam's total exports of surimi and fish cakes, respectively. By the end of November, exports to these three markets all increased sharply: to Japan increased by 26%, to Russia increased by 68% and to Malaysia increased by 52%.

In addition, exports to a number of markets with breakthrough growth, such as to Belarus increased more than 12 times, to the US increased 172%, to Lithuania increased 111% ...

Vietnam's surimi and fish cakesproducts are produced mainly from marine fish, including threadfin bream, Greater Lizasrfish and other trash fish.

Currently, Vietnam has about 100 enterprises exporting fish cakes and surimi products. At the top is Dalu Surimi Import-Export Co., Ltd., which accounts for about 12% of the country's surimi sales. Followed by Ca Mau Seafood Processing and Services Joint Stock Company (CASES), accounted for 9% and Tac Cau Seafood Joint Stock Company accounted for 7%.

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