( On 31st Aug 2017, at the meeting room of Saigon International Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), on the sideline of the Vietfish 2017, VASEP Marine Product Committee held a meeting of seafood enterprises to unify the implementation of the IUU regulations as well as provide solutions to combat IUU fishing.

At the meeting, after discussing and sharing lessons learned from the practical issues related to IUU in Thailand, the leaders of VASEP, VASEP Marine Product Committee and seafood exporters & importers all are determined to combat IUU fishing, which agreed to a number of action plans in the immediate period as follows:

- To set up a working group under the guideline of VASEP Marine Product Committee. The working group includes representatives selected from the enterprises. The group will consist of documentation staffs, which will hold weekly meetings, participate in meetings with Directorate of Fisheries (D-Fish) and advise D-Fish on solutions and implementation plans. The group will hold a meeting with local sub-departments at major ports so that sub-departments will be involved in this issue.

- VASEP Marine Product Committee and marine product enterprises unanimously establish a fund for anti-IUU fishing activities with an aim to supporting training and propaganda for fishermen and businesses.

- VASEP will send the open letter to marine product enterprises, establish membership mechanism for the working group. VASEP will inform the EU about the companies that are interested in participating in VASEP’s program of combating IUU.

- To focus on communication and information on IUU regulations and campaign against IUU fishing of Vietnam. VASEP will hold a large meeting on commitments to implement IUU regulations in the early September. In addition, the Association will prepare programs on trainings and seminars for IUU of the US next year.

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