VASEP continues to promote propaganda against IUU fishing

( On October 20, 2022, Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Nhung – Director of Bac Lieu branch of Ca Mau Seafood Processing and Services JSC (CASES), a member company of the Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers Vietnam (VASEP) represented VASEP to present notebooks to propagandize against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing to students of Ganh Hao High School, Bac Lieu province.

On the side of representatives of state management agencies attending were Captain Dang Van Vu, deputy post of Ganh Hao Border Guard Station, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province. The representative of Ganh Hao High School was Mr.Nguyen Quoc Thai, the principal.

In Ganh Hao High School, representatives of VASEP presented 1,000 notebooks to students, who are fishermen's children, future generations following their parents' jobs. On each notebook given to students, there are 10 contents written: "Every fishing boat owner and fisherman should remember to follow" so that students know and propagate to their relatives to catch seafood in accordance with regulations, contribute to sustainable fishing and improve the lives of fishermen.

Chú thích ảnh


Currently, according to statistics of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bac Lieu has nearly 1,200 fishing vessels registered for fishing activities. Ganh Hao fishing port was built to become a class I fishing port. According to the plan, Ganh Hao fishing port not only serves the fishing fleets in the province, but also aims to become a center for logistics services for the coastal provinces in the Mekong Delta region (Mekong Delta).

Chú thích ảnh

Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Nhung  represented VASEP to present notebooks to students of Ganh Hao high school

Bac Lieu province sets a target that by 2025, the total number of fishing vessels will reach 1,230 units (820 offshore fishing vessels) and by 2030 reach 1,280 units (850 offshore fishing vessels). Total seafood production by 2025 will reach 378,700 tons, by 2030 will reach 474,500 tons and strive for the province's seafood export turnover to reach 1.4 billion USD by 2025 and 1.8 billion USD by 2030.

Therefore, extensive propaganda and raising awareness of fishermen about anti-IUU fishing in Bac Lieu province is essential. From there, improving the responsibility of ship owners when participating in fishing at sea.

Compiled by Thuy Linh

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