Vietnam's seafood industry strives to remove IUU yellow card, diversify logistics

The European Commission (EC)'s unremoved yellow card warning is one of the major challenges for Vietnam's seafood exports.

Vietnams seafood industry strives to remove IUU yellow card diversify logistics

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien said that in 2021 and the following years, Vietnam's fisheries industry aims to reduce the catch rate and increase aquaculture output; at the same time, focus on developing the field of preservation and processing in order to reduce the post-harvest loss rate, improve quality and increase product value.

On the other hand, the fisheries sector will drastically implement the 2017 Fisheries Law and the European Commission's recommendations on combating IUU fishing, meeting the strict requirements of the export market; at the same time accelerate the application of science and technology in breeding, farming, veterinary medicine.

Regarding strategic solutions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is coordinating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in restructuring seafood processing and exporting enterprises according to the circular economy model, ensuring disease safety and meeting market requirements on food safety. At the same time, the industry will focus on building brands of Vietnamese seafood products to enhance added value for products.

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