Khanh Hoa prevents IUU fishing by value chain

( Fishermen participate in fishing teams and fleets that are associated with enterprises. This is the value chain in fishing and consumption.

After returning from the sea trips, fishermen no longer only sell fish for middlemen as before. Currently,  some businesses buy according to the model of value chain of fishing and consuming ocean tuna. Under the regulations, businesses will not buy ocean tuna if fishermen cannot prove that the fish was legally caught . Therefore, fishermen in the value chain must strictly follow the exploitation procedures.

Currently, Khanh Hoa province has formed 8 fisheries unions, 70 fishing cooperatives with more than 600 offshore fishing vessels, of which 150 fishing vessels participate in 3 chains of seafood exploitation, purchasing, processing and consumption.In order to join the value chain, the first thing is that fishermen must stay in the capture teams. Thus, when exploiting at sea in the same team, fishermen can remind and monitor each other to not violate the territorial sea.

After returning from the sea trips, the first job of fishermen is to declare the catch corresponding to fishing schedule. After verifying the information, the Fisheries Control Office will be forwarded it to the purchasing company. In fact, the best way to maintain a responsible fisheries is to establish a chain of linkages because when sharing the same interest, both fishermen and businesses will share the responsibility in preventing IUU fishing.

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