(seafood.vasep.com.vn) The InfoFish World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exhibition in Malaysia was held on 8th -10th, June 2022. At the Conference, VASEP had a stall to introduce the information about Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition 2022 and other promotional publications of Vietnamese seafood such as: the Map of Vietnam seafood factories, the Poster of Vietnam's seafood export panorama, Report on Vietnam shrimp exports in 2016 – 2021, Report on Vietnam seafood exports in 2021…

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) FIMEX VN ranks 4th position among Vietnam shsrimp exporters in 2021 with 166 million USD from shrimp sale. In the first 3 months of the year, FIMEX VN’s sales reached about 1,338 billion VND, increased by 39% over the same period last year, and fulfilled a quarter of the annual sales plan.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) EU is Vietnam's second largest shrimp import market, accounting for 15%. Since the beginning of the year, Vietnam's shrimp exports to the EU market have recorded a good growth rate. It is forecast that the EU's shrimp import demand in the last months of this year will continue to increase.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) Two products of frozen shrimp and rice exports of Soc Trang province grew strongly in the first 10 months of the year, of which shrimp exports increased by 21%.

(seafood. vasep.com.vn) In the first half of 2021, Vietnam's shrimp exports reached 1.7 billion USD, up by 13.7% over the same period in 2021. Exports to all main markets, except for China, grew well. This is a great effort of Vietnamese shrimp exporters ever since the Covid-19 pandemic appeared.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) The Vietnam Record Organization has just recognized Minh Phu Seafood Corporation as the owner of the largest organic shrimp farming area in Vietnam's mangroves, with a total area of 9,722 hectares and a total area of 9,722 hectares and participation of 2010 Ca Mau farmer households.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) After increasing 22% to 749 million USD in April 2021, Vietnam's seafood export continued to recover with a more optimistic increase in May, up 24% to nearly 790 million USD. . Accordingly, the cumulative export results in the first 5 months of the year were also better, up 14% to reach USD 3.27 billion.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) As of March 15, 2021, the total value of shrimp exports to the South Korean market reached 53.6 million USD, accounting for 10.8% of the total shrimp export value, down by nearly 5% over the same period last year. By 2020, whiteleg shrimp products account for nearly 85% of the total shrimp export value to the South Korean market.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) After a year dominated by Covid pandemic, the structure of Vietnam's export shrimp market has changed significantly. In the first two months of this year, there were 67 markets importing shrimp from Vietnam, while in the same period last year there were 63 markets. In particular, there are many markets that had a breakthrough growths in imports from Vietnam such as Australia increasing by 115%, Belgium growing 139%, Russia rising by 109%, Chile with a 352% increase, Cambodia increasing by 30 times ...

(vasep.com.vn) After increasing by 23.4% in January 2021, reaching 606 million USD, with positive signals from pangasius, sea fish products (except tuna), whiteleg shrimp ... and exports to some key markets such as the US, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil rose sharply, Vietnam seafood exports in February 2021 fell 19% compared to the same period in 2020, estimated at over 405 million dollars. This negative growth is due to the fact that February this year coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday, therefore the production, fishing and processing time is less than in February 2020. Thus, accumulated to the end of February 2021, seafood exports reached over 1 billion USD, up by 2.2%.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) The Department of Industry and Trade of Ca Mau province said that the shrimp processing and export situation of the province in early 2021 has been more positive, the processing output and export volume have both increased.

A species of crab in Nam Can district and a fish sauce hot pot in the U Minh Forest in the southernmost province of Ca Mau have been listed among the Top 100 specialties in Vietnam in 2020-2021 by the Vietnam Record Organisation (Vietkings).

The Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh is taking various steps to develop climate change-resilient aquaculture, setting its sights on expanding the local aquaculture area by 2,500 ha to reach 40,000 ha by 2030.

Dozens of households in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh have begun sea crab breeding this year, with 37 million baby crabs on a total area of 7,330 ha.

The Minh Phu Hau Giang Seafood JSC (in Hau River Industrial Park in Hau Giang Province’s Chau Thanh District) in early January exported its first batch of shrimp in eight containers to the EU, the US, and Japan at prices 4-5 percent higher than in the Asian market.

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) Vietnam sets a target achieving seafood export turnover of US$14-16 billion by 2030 and creates jobs for 3.5 million workers. By 2045, fisheries will be a modern commercial economy, a deep seafood processing hub, which belongs to the group of three leading countries in the world.

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam's tuna exports to Canada in the first 11 months of 2020 still increased by 25% over the same period. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), effective from January 14, 2019, has created leverage for tuna exports to this market.