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VASEP and Vietnam Coast Guard sign MOU on combating IUU fishing
October 25, 2017, 10:42 AM
(seafood.vasep.com.vn) On 24th October 2017, at the headquarter of Vietnam Coast Guard in Hanoi, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) and Vietnam Coast Guard signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation in combating IUU fishing and strong determination together with the Government and relevant units on building Vietnamese fisheries sustainably and effectively. Lieutenant General Hoang Van Dong, the Command's Political Commissar chaired the conference.

The two parties agreed to discuss and coordinate the implementation of the national action plan on combating IUU fishing of the Government and ensure that IUU-related programs of each side are supported.

Vietnam Coast Guard and VASEP will cooperate in 3 tasks: (1) Support and exchange information; (2) Propagate and fight against illegal fishing; (3) Other cooperative activities.

Support and exchange information:

(1) The two parties exchange information on the situation of IUU fishing vessels of Vietnam and foreign countries, or establishments purchasing or using raw materials from IUU fishing.

(2) Mutual consultation on programs related to deter IUU fishing.

(3) The two parties consider linking the website by positioning the website of one party on the website homepage of the other party and vice versa.

Propagate and fight against illegal fishing:

(1) Vietnam Coast Guard shall enhance inspection, control and detection of IUU fishing vessels; take initiative in exchanging and coordinating with the Coast Guard of concerned countries to propagate, prevent illegal fishing.

(2) The two sides coordinate the propaganda through the communication channels and socio-political organizations, fisheries organizations and fishermen; propagate for seafood enterprises participating in the “Marine product enterprises commit to combating IUU fishing” Program and saying no with purchasing raw materials from IUU fishing vessels.

(3) VASEP supports and gives favorable conditions for Vietnam Coast Guard to investigate and verify cases of illegal fishing.

(4) To propagate the functions, tasks and powers of Vietnam Coast Guard and relevant legal documents.

(5) The two sides undertake activities to assist fishermen in implementing the national action plan to combat IUU fishing of the Government; carry out other activities to assist fishermen in the legal fishing and preserve aquatic resources on the basis of the duties and powers of each party.

Other cooperative activities:

Two sides cooperate with MARD and the local fisheries management agencies to establish and operate a fisheries data center to serve for traceability.

With EU's yellow card warning; the Government, MARD and VASEP have coordinated efforts to implement a number of activities to comply with DG-MARE requirements. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has stepped up the amendments of the Fisheries Law, focusing on controlling the "Blue Boat" and preventing illegal fishing practices such as using explosives destroying marine resources, using banned fishing gears and catching rare species as well as strengthening the mechanism of inspection of the landings of foreign fishing vessels in Vietnam. The participation of Vietnam Coast Guard in these activities are indispensable.

Vietnam Coast Guard forces perform management functions of security, order and safety as well as ensure the execution of the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and related international treaties to which Vietnam is a member on Vietnam’s waters and continental shelf. Vietnam Coast Guard and VASEP agree to cooperate on combating IUU fishing. This positive action is showing firm commitment and efforts of the Government and Vietnamese enterprises in the compliance with IUU regulations.


Contact: VASEP Task Force for IUU - Email: combat_iuu@vasep.com.vn
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